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Review Men in Black 3 (2012): In my opinion this entry should never have been made!

genre: science fiction, comedy

Men in Black III is a decent movie only it pales in comparison to the first two titles. The one thing that made those two titles superior was the cohesiveness of humour, action and science fiction. In this third part the humour is barely present and in some scenes even gets overshadowed by melodrama. I could have lived with the uninspired action scenes. Or with the downplaying of the science fiction elements. Even with the tiresome rehash of the "which celebrity is an alien" jokes. But almost no physical comedy and Will Smith not being his witty self that is just unacceptable. The one and only redeeming factor was Josh Brolin as Young K. He easily stole every scene he was in. Only it wasn't enough. With all these talents involved you would have expected this to be the laugh riots the first two were. I only could manage a smile or two. In my opinion this entry should never have been made. 

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