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Review Captain Marvel (2019): Goose the cat steals the show!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, science fiction, adventure, action

I feel the need for speed. Goose is back in the house. Oh, wait. Wrong Goose. Different movie. This one is a cat and one of the funniest characters in this film. While he unfortunately is not the lead he does have a pivotal role into me liking this addition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What about Brie Larson as Carol Danvers? Was she any good at all. Yes and no. I liked her character most of the time but I didn't quite dug her comedic timing. As in she doesn't have one. She was spouting lines that could and should have been funny with anybody else but with her they just fell flat. No, I am not a Brie Larson hater. Nor am I against a female Captain Marvel. I had zero to very little knowledge of Captain Marvel since I have never read the comics and also can't remember coming across this character in other Marvel Comics. From what is presented to us in the film I really like Captain Marvel. She might be a little tricky though since she does seem a little OP. However it couldn't hurt for MCU to finally start showing the true powers of these characters since for most they have nerfed them so to say. And that is game speak for restricted. In hindsight I think Brie Larson does bring to the character what is needed. A god like person who has remained human. 

Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury and I can't tell you how much I have missed him. It's a bit of a puzzler why he wasn't in most of recent Marvel films. But instead of focusing on the past let us hope that he will be heavily featured in future Marvel films again. Unless they can give me a very good reason why he shouldn't be there. Because here together with Goose he makes Captain Marvel so much more fun. Brie Larson might be convinced she is the step into the right direction of female empowerment. Without Samuel L. Jackson and Goose Captain Marvel would have failed. Nick Fury is serious when needed but also is not afraid to provide comedic relief when the situation calls for it. And unlike Brie Sam has impeccable comedic timing. He even has better chemistry with the cat than Brie has with the same creature. I can't explain to you why Goose is remarkable without spoiling it for you so I won't. But trust me even non cat persons will love Goose.

For an origin story Captain Marvel is a bit of a stand out. It makes heavy use of flashback and dream sequences. It can be a little confusing but apparently that is the whole idea. It's a smokescreen, a distraction, or as they say a red herring. It serves as a plot device to get you invested as much as the main character. With her you go on this journey to discover who she truly is. And yes I liked the end result. What can I say I like underdog stories even if technically Carol Danvers is hardly an underdog. The story has quite a few surprises that all work in favour of the film since it is backed up by good actors like Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law and Annette Benning. Characters aren't plain good or evil. They are more complicated and I like it when they are portrayed that way. 

Of course Captain Marvel is a much smaller project than Avengers: Endgame. Nobody was expecting this to be super huge and epic. But despite this Captain Marvel does manage to deliver the action and spectacle (although scaled down) I crave for in films like these. As a matter of fact I couldn't get enough of it and wanted much more. Especially if Goose is going to be part of it.

Overall Captain Marvel is one of the better additions in MCU as it delivers most of the super hero goodness I hope for. I honestly don't understand the hate. Sure I get that some people get tired of the whole woke attitude and feminism forced into films. That still doesn't automatically mean the film itself is bad because of it. In the way it's presented it's actually positive and universal. You don't have to be a woman to like and appreciate the message. So calm down people!

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