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Review The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018): Director Susanna Fogel is out of her league!

genre: comedy, action, espionage

Good god! I don't even know where to begin with this one. But let me start by saying it's not that bad. Still I have some issues with it which I am going to point out to you.

In my mind I made all kinds of twists and turns that would have given this spy comedy a sharp edge. To my dismay none of them were implemented. Of course I wasn't actually involved with this production but perhaps someone would have the idea to actually try to make a spy film a little less predictable. Almost every twist and turn come straight out of previous spy comedy films without ever adding something fresh and creative. And I know that some would defend it that sometimes all they want is an entertaining film and nothing more. But shouldn't a comedy make you laugh instead of crying or worse? This flick wasn't that funny. Only here and there I could muster up a smirk or two. The only real joke that made me laugh out loud was during the credits. Because it was genuinely hilarious.

And what is up with Kate McKinnon. She can be incredibly funny in the SNL sketches. But in movies she just is too much.They even made her character fit how she usually present herself. Including the pro feminism. She tries so hard to be funny and quirky. But only ends up being annoying. Incredibly annoying! To the extent that I simply didn't care any more. Almost every other character were nice or good but Kate, forget about it. Mila is on automatic pilot and gave of the vibe that she didn't give a damn about this film. Perhaps this is the fault of director Susanna Fogel. Not pushing Mila enough to give it her all. Then again it could very well be that she herself wasn't giving it all. Because she also wrote the script. I haven't seen anything in this film that could be considered remarkable or admirable narrative wise. And certainly not when it comes to how the events play out. 

Granted the action is done decently and I thought to myself, had this been a serious spy thriller with more intrigue and spectacle it would have been far more interesting. Why wasn't more effort put in the narrative? And if they had forsaken that then why not go for the laughs? You know what? Susanna Fogel could have done both if only she had more imagination and experience. I can honestly not recommend this film. I would rather suggest Brothers Grimsby or Spy.

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