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Review Grimsby a.k.a. The Brothers Grimsby (2016): Gross and ridiculous! But I haven't laughed so hard in years!

genre: comedy, action, espionage

Grimsby is not exactly what you call a masterpiece but it does what it is supposed to which is make you laugh. And how! 

The story might be cliche and everything. And maybe not every joke succeeds in parodying the spy genre but when those unexpected visual ones come at you there is no stopping. It makes you wonder how they came up with them. Seriously! It's so out there. Don't worry not going to spoil anything. In this case more than ever the less you know the bigger the enjoyment. It's a real shame I did not get to see this in the cinema even when it was announced to. But having seen the film now I kinda understand why the majority of the cinemas have refused to play it. Still it's nowhere near as offensive or insulting as Sacha Baron Cohen's previous movies. Comedy wise this one is a step up above The Dictator and BrĂ¼no. Maybe even slightly on par with Borat and Ali G Indahouse. What really surprised me was how easily Mark Strong joined the Ali G crazy parade. The things that are asked of him would even make adult film stars blush. But it seemed like he was actually having a lot of fun. And that ladies and gentlemen is the trick to enjoying this film. Just embrace the weirdness and lunacy and you will come out laughing. The stabs at Donald Trump might have been a little too lazy but they were sure very welcome. Thank you for that Grimsby. Now let us pray for Harry Potter. You will understand once you have seen this movie.

Grimsby basically is a Sacha Baron Cohen film through and through. Some jokes might be downright gross and perverted. However this film does make a real effort to tell the story properly. It's not just random scenes put together. You will care for Nobby (Sacha) and Sebastian even when both of them probably belong in an insane asylum. Sacha and Mark had real good chemistry and here is hoping they will do more projects together. For now go watch this film, you won't regret it.  

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