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Review Greta (2019), Darkness Visible (2019), Polaroid (2019) and Kahaani 2 (2016).

Quick reviews of some titles I have seen recently to give you an idea whether they are worth your time or not.

Greta (2019)

Greta is the kind of thriller you have seen a million times before. However it's a very entertaining one since it has one performance that stands out. Isabelle Huppert (known for Elle) is delightfully weird and creepy. Actually she is quite terrifying. The way she acts and behaves is one of the elements that make Greta a very effective thriller. Next to that the direction by Neil Jordan is tight and the way the story is told will keep you hooked till the end. Unfortunately it's far from perfect and resorts to the most common clich├ęs these thrillers are plagued with. Why do victims in films only hit once instead of two, three or more times?  Or why stalking is not seen as a serious intrusion or crime? 

And if you think about it the whole ordeal could have been avoided if Frances was more paranoid, distrusting and selfish. Or do what most people would do and bring the bag to the lost and found. I wonder how many people would take the time to go to the police? Would some even bother? I guess that in a big city like New York most would leave it where it is or take it with them. If I had seen the bag been dropped then I would have been gullible and pick it up and return it to the one who dropped it. But if it was just laying on the ground I would think twice of picking it up. I am curious as hell and yes perhaps I could be tempted by the possibilities. What if the bag contained a wallet with money? Then again would you take the money or return it to the proper authorities so that they could handle it? Or would forsake all that and deliver it directly to the person who it belongs to in case you also find the address. Younger me was gullible and I would have returned it. Me, today, I am not sure. Most likely I would feel there is something very wrong with the situation and I would stay clear from it. Yes, I am that paranoid! Although I am sure that my conscience would get the better of me and convince me to bring it to the lost and found at least.

In any case, certainly worth your time!

Darkness Visible (2019)

Darkness Visible is a horror mystery that in hindsight feels very Lovecraftian only far more contained with an extra layer of mystique. In this case this layer consists of Indian superstition and customs intertwined with real religious traditions. Only that should be taken with a grain of salt since this is fantasy of course. Now I do think that there is a constant sense of dread in the film. However there could have been much more of that. Instead for the most part the focus lies on the mystery which I must admit is very compelling. However it's never truly terrifying. Although the ending might be if you give it some thought. Another one that will be worth your time for sure!

Polaroid (2019)

While the premise is not entirely original it's a creative one with potential. Only I got the feeling that everything in this production was rushed since the film can't wait to expose of what is going on. And usually I appreciate it if they get to the point fast. However in a film like this there also has to be a decent amount of tension and fright next to the gimmick. Unfortunately the terror and dread is not really present. None of the film is truly scary. However there are some decent twists and turns to keep events interesting so I wouldn't write off this film completely. Give it a shot! Pun intended.

Kahaani 2 (2016)

Kahaani 2 is a sequel to the wonderful Kahaani but is not a direct follow up. So some of the actors from the first film are reprising similar roles however they aren't playing the same characters. I must admit this wasn't entirely clear to me until I realized how different our main character Vidya was acting and behaving compared to the character Vidya in the first film. Perhaps writer / director Sujoy Ghosh sought out to be confusing to add more mystery. For me personally it backfired since I think the Vidya from Kahaani is a better character. Still this didn't get in the way from my enjoyable viewing experience. Granted the story told here was not in the slightest on par with the first one. Interesting for sure. But more riddled with darkness and shock than real nerve biting suspense and thrills. There still are some surprises only they simply don't have the same impact as the ones in the original Kahaani. That having said from start to finish Kahaani 2 is an enjoyable viewing experience because Vidya Balan again does a good job of playing a woman not to mess with while maintaining grace, beauty and wits. Sujoy Ghosh first had intended to do a film series of Kahaani featuring Vidya Bagchi  but because of difference this didn't happen. Instead Ghosh opted for a next installment in the Kahaani franchise as a standalone film. In a way this could work as well. And there do seem to be plans for a Kahaani 3. But I do hope that they will come up with a story as strong as the first one since that one rocked big time. 

Overall definitely one that is worth your time.

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