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Review Spy (2015): I'll be damned, this was actually quite good!

genre: comedy, action

Identity Thief, The Heat and Tammy where all films that featured Melissa McCarthy prominently and in my opinion never delivered the laughs that were promised. Only in St. Vincent where here role was minor she managed to show the comedic timing people like her for. So I was not really expecting a lot from this. But Spy has completely surprised me in a good way.

Granted Melissa McCarthy is not responsible for the LOL moments. That is reserved for Jason Statham who is delightfully hilarious as the macho but clumsy agent and Rose Byrne who plays this bitchy spoiled brat. However McCarthy this time around does play a more sympathetic character that luckily impresses foes, friends and more importantly the audience. Despite the jokes concerning her looks and appearance she manages to outwit and outclass the more experienced spies which I thought was refreshing. Especially since Spy is very much a parody on James Bond and with McCarthy stepping in who is unlike 007 of course the contrast is huge. It automatically becomes entertaining when you see her being competent and able contrary to belief. 

However don't expect non stop hilarity or clever jokes. Most of the comedy is pretty simple and predictable and maybe downright gross. I mean is it really necessary to show someone actually vomiting? Can't they stick to implying? Some jokes like the infestations at headquarters just try to hard to be funny making them ineffective and the opposite of funny. But when McCarthy is put against Jason Statham and Rose Byrne you can't help but to laugh. Statham parodies his previous action roles like only he can and easily steals the show when he does. Peter Serafinowicz as Aldo was also a pleasant surprise in combination with McCarthy. It seems to me that Melissa McCarthy is more effective when she is put against equally competent comedic talents like herself. 

I am not really a fan of Melissa McCarthy. I don't think she is that good of an actress. She seems to always be playing similar roles and that can get tiring real fast. In Spy though they tackled this by making her character efficient and competent which is refreshing and different from the roles she played in previous films. 

So take it from me if I tell you that Spy is an entertaining comedy that surprisingly also contains some good action. 

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