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Review Brightburn (2019): Wasted potential!

genre: horror

Brightburn basically is about answering the question, "What if Superman was evil?' In theory and the trailer this premise seemed incredibly compelling. Unfortunately the execution of Brightburn is unbelievably weak.

The duration of a mere 90 minutes feel like a two hour film since the pacing is incredibly slow. The flow and coherency of the film also is off. Not once, let me repeat this, not once does Brightburn deliver. The biggest problem is the lack of tension and atmosphere. There is zero buildup nor is there conflict. Brandon pretty much is evil from the start. If he truly tried to be and do good and still was being bullied or mistreated then perhaps the transition so to speak would have been more believable. Imagine all the people in this town turning against Brandon because they fear him. It would have a significant and dramatic impact. Now this simply doesn't happen. He is just evil and very little is done to actually make you care about the victims since not much time is spent on time. Well, perhaps there are a few events that will make you dislike Brandon.

There simply is no depth to the events. They happen and you barely will care. I tried playing devil's advocate and root for Brandon. But he is just incredibly boring. He is super serious all the time. Would it really have hurt to give us some depictions of Brandon being sweet and having fun? He also immediately knows how to use his powers. One of the most fun super hero tropes is them finding out what their powers are and how to use them properly. This never happens. He pretty much knows how to use them and it's so tedious.

I really was looking forward to this. I was really hyped about the concept. Think about it. Nobody would be able to do anything. It's an immense scary thought. Brightburn however is never able to depict this notion adequately. Give this a miss, it will be a giant waste of  your time.

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