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Review Bad Samaritan (2018): Once again David Tennant is deliciously evil!

genre: crime, thriller

Bad Samaritan might not be groundbreaking or giving you something new it does manage to get you invested in the events. And there are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all. David Tennant. His American accent might not convince that much but everything else is top notch. Tennant likes to play the bad guy. He did a wonderful job as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones. But apparently he thought he could outdo himself and be even more creepier. Well, I have to agree with him. Tennant is incredibly dark in Bad Samaritan. You won't like him one bit since he is unpleasant right from the moment he is introduced. And yet I couldn't help admire his dominance and intelligence overall. Granted the story does help him a lot. But it's Tennant who gives Cale Erendreich some personality. Perhaps Cale is a little too dark and evil. I can't imagine someone with his kind of personality and attitude stay unnoticed. Then again, they do demonstrate a couple of times how it's possible he has managed to elude the police all this time. It seems that in order for the police and other authorities to get things done you need to make it political otherwise they won't do much. Quite sad if you think about it.

The second reason is Robert Sheehan (Killing Bono) as Sean Falco. He is a very likable character who really regrets his actions. Or rather his inaction in a very important event. It was nice to see a thief with a conscience who goes out of his way to help someone he doesn't even know. Apparently this is so new and outrageous that the police give him a hard time. You can't have small time crooks trying to do good. I mean it would make things far too easy for the police. Can't have that. It was also nice to see a real best friend who helps out as much as he can. Derek Sandoval might show very little respect for other people's property he won't abandon his friend whenever trouble hits the fan.

The direction. I had no clue Dean Devlin was involved. And while Geostorm was a disaster he shows he knows how to do thrillers. There is a real good build up of tension and suspense. I honestly didn't expected to be sucked in as much as I was. In fact I thought it was going to be generic and boring since it seemed to derive from Don't Breathe. As much as I enjoyed that film the premise restricts different outcomes. But somehow Devlin kept events fresh and engaging. 

Overall Bad Samaritan was a pleasant surprise. It actually is good. Certainly one I can recommend.

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