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Review Marvel's Jessica Jones: Binge worthy and loving what Marvel is doing!

genre: crime, action, super hero, comic book adaptation

Jessica Jones is one of those comic book characters I am not familiar with. So that does make me wonder why these characters suddenly are introduced. When you start reading about them and how they are connected to other characters in the Marvel Universe it will make sense though. And it promises great things for the future.

Jessica Jones (  Krysten Ritter) is a young woman who works a P.I. after she tried doing the hero thing. Her diet mainly consists of cheap scotch and manages to look fine and healthy despite. When we first are introduced to her she seems very competent but it is obvious she is burdened with something. She is a strong woman and a little cynical. Although deep down she can't resist doing good. Jessica is not hiding her identity or her powers and often she displays her super strength and her jumping / flying ability. She uses her powers to aid her doing her job and nothing else. Until an old foe comes back to haunt her. 

This old foe is Kilgrave (played by David Tennant). He is one nasty and super evil character. He can control people by simply telling them what to do as long as they are close to him. In the show they will give many examples of how devastating and destructive this power is. But it is David Tennant who sells the character. He is able to give the character some depth and substance. Even as the nasty villain he remains to be charming. And that makes him a lot more menacing. David Tennant outshines everybody in this show and he is a much better villain than Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin in my humble opinion. 

Jessica Jones like Daredevil  starts up events very slowly although I think Jessica Jones is much more fast paced and is filled with more tension and action. There are many more stand out moments that will catch you by surprise and make you keep watching until you seen all of the episodes. You know the moments where you will be asking yourself: "what did just happen?".

We also get to meet Luke Cage another superhero from the comics who seems to be getting his own show. And Jessica's best friend Trish Walker might be an alternative version of Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat. Both of whom who in comic book verse are part of The Defenders. But Luke Cage and Jessica Jones also are part of The New Avengers. I don't know about you but that makes me super excited. It reminds of the old days when I still was reading my favourite comics and very randomly got introduced to a lot of different characters from the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Universe is filled with cool and awesome characters who all have their parts to play in some of the biggest events coming. In one particular case The Infinite War. All the Marvel movies are leading to that event and it is going to be massive and epic. It will be unlike we have experience in cinema history before and yes it is going to be bigger than Star Wars that is if they don't mess it up.

Jessica Jones will be worth your time as it does offer a nice viewing experience overall. However it is plagued with some major filler sequences that detract from it. It takes forever for some major events to roll and the only reason I could tolerate any of those was because I liked most of the characters. They are far from perfect and very flawed so they won't always act like you expect them to. Although never to an extent that would make you dislike them for too long unless they are supposed to be unlikable. But even if you don't like the good guys then watch it for David Tennant. My most favourite Doctor Who of all time certainly will make the viewing experience pleasurable.

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