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Review Geostorm (2017): This makes Sharknado look like a masterpiece!

genre: action, science fiction, thriller, disaster

Honestly I don't even know where to begin with this one. I at least hoped something similar to Armageddon but what I got instead doesn't even come close to the Sharknado films. You read it right. Geostorm is so bad that it doesn't even fall into the it"s so bad that it becomes good category. 

First of all this is not a disaster movie. It's more a thriller with disaster elements in it. And to be fair that could have worked had director Dean Devlin actually put in some tension and suspense in the film. The lack of tension is what really killed the enjoyment for me since I didn't care about anything or anyone. Not even Gerard Butler's character and I really really like Butler. Not once is there build-up or momentum when the big action sequences start happening. They just happen. Lot of explosions and destruction but nothing really registered since there was no emotional component tied to them whatsoever. None of these events have any impact. Because everything that occurs is highly improbable from the start. It also doesn't help that despite the ridiculous events the actors take everything seriously. Apart from one or two moments there is no comedic relief. I tried shutting off my brain to see if that would help increase the viewing experience. It did not help one bit. The thriller plot is as predictable and generic as they come. It was very obvious what was going on from very early on. Where are the red herrings when you need them?

I lost interest after just twenty minutes or so. Because it was then that I realized this film wasn't going anywhere and I was right. I don't feel like wasting too many words on this film since frankly it doesn't deserve that kind of attention. Don't bother with this one. It's absolutely horrible with no redeeming factors.

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