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Review Killing Bono (2011)

genre: comedy, drama

Most of you might already be aware that this film is based on true events described in Neil McCormick's memoir Killing Bono: I was Bono's Doppelganger. Clearly this adaptation is not entirely true and I suggest reading this article what Neil himself has to say about it. It's really funny. 

Back to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. From start to finish it was a blast. It masterfully blends comedy with drama that has a point in the end. What that is, you should see for yourself as the journey to that revelation is very important plus a lot of fun. Now sometimes the plot does gets a bit too much with some crime thrown into it. But at the center it's all about main character Neil McCormick and his continually failure to achieve the things he wants. This of course would not be interesting to see if the actor portraying him (Ben Barnes) wasn't so damn charming. Actually most of the cast in this film are very likable. And a lot of the energy in this film is because of these actors. Very important of course is U2 and their music. There is an air of nostalgia and genuine love for their music that it is hard not to get swept away by it. Are the members of U2 really that nice? This movie makes you think they are. And I want to believe it. Does it really matter if it is true or not? I really loved this film and it is bit hard to understand why it is so underrated. Ignore the bad reviews on this one. It is definitely a must watch! 

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