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Review Winchester (2018): Horrifying waste of potential and talent!

genre: horror, fantasy

You have to ask yourself how it's possible to make a boring film when you even got the chance to use the actual Winchester Mystery House itself. A mansion that is believed to be haunted and once owned by Sarah Winchester, widow of firearm magnate William Wirt Winchester. A house that was under permanent construction for mysterious reasons. Sounds compelling right?

One thing that Winchester got wrong from the start was the lack of build up in atmosphere and tension. For films like this it's key to increase the dread. Instead we get jump scares that lose their effectiveness after the first three times. Still I wasn't ready to give up on the film yet since I had hope that Helen Mirren at least would deliver that something extra. She sure was dressed for it. I couldn't help but think that she might have been told she was in another adaptation of The Woman in Black since she easily could have been a ghost herself. At times they did make it seem like something was wrong with her. Then they forget all about her and make her act like this sweet delicate old lady who has a big heart. Now wouldn't it have been something if that was an act on her part to mislead you.

In hindsight had they added that twist it would have been silly but a lot of fun. Unfortunately nothing of the sort. Because if you were hoping for something clever than I will have to disappoint you. Winchester is not trying to scare you but send you a political message. And I simply don't understand why they could combine the two. Surely the message would have been more powerful if you confronted your audience with some harsh truths. They easily could have been done this but for some reason they kept it PG-13. 

Jason Clarke did the best he could and probably is the one who gave the film some credibility. His character Dr. Eric Price is subjected to some events that often seem more comedic than terrifying but because he plays it straight all the way you keep believing. 

Winchester had such potential to be the next Insidious. But instead we get a farce that insults you with it's political message. It's not worth your time. 

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