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Review Rumble in the Bronx (1995): After previous attempts this was the one that made Jackie Chan a household name in North America!

genre: martial arts, action

Battle Creek Brawl and The Protector were two serious attempts of Jackie Chan to become a succes in the U.S. but unfortunately the American audience wasn't ready for him yet. And honestly I don't really get why it took so long for them to warm up to Jackie. Since all it took for me was one film on German television dubbed in German to get completely charmed by his antics. I believe it was Drunken Master. Better still even my grandma loved it. And she normally didn't like action films that much. So finally with Rumble in the Bronx Jackie Chan got through. 

It definitely is one of his better films. It's fast, low on plot and full of action. Most of the film Jackie Chan as Keung is dealing with the local gang who are on his case. He tried to prevent the gang members from damaging a car that was loaned to his uncle. His intervention caused Nancy ( Fran├žoise Yip) to lose a race and naturally Keung needs to pay for that. The way it's done is pretty brutal and is something you will have to see for yourself. But from then on Keung either dishes pain or receives it to our amusement. The biggest and most memorable action sequence is where Keung is tired of playing nice and is out to punish the gang for ruining Elaine's supermarket. (Elaine played by Anita Mui tricked Keung into making him help her out with her supermarket. She is angry and devastated by the destruction especially since they were not there to hurt her but teach Keung a lesson). It's a scene I can watch over and over again since you will see him do things you rarely have seen before (even today). Like him jumping through a shopping cart. (He makes it look easy but in the blooper reel it is demonstrated it was far from easy.)

Slightly before this big fight another storyline pops up where Angelo one of the gang members gets a hold of some very precious diamonds which he hides in the cushion of Danny's wheelchair. Danny is Nancy's little brother and Keung's  neighbour. See you don't need an elaborate plot to bring Jackie Chan where he needs to be. While entertaining this plot element is only memorable for the ridiculous hovercraft chase in Vancouver. Did I say Vancouver? I meant the Bronx, New York of course.

Rumble in the Bronx is old school Jackie Chan which is something you like or not. I happen to love it. And let me tell you that this film beats Rush Hour ten times over.  

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