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Review The Red-Wolf a.k.a. Hu meng wei long (1995): Die Hard on a cruise ship!

genre: action, martial arts, dia hard clone

The Red-Wolf very obviously is inspired by Die Hard since it borrows some iconic and memorable elements from the classic. But it also borrows the side kick plot line from Under Siege. So what do I think of The Red-Wolf?

Since this a Yuen Woo-Ping film you can count on the action being top notch. For the most part it certainly is effective and exciting. But it does underwhelm a little towards the end where the fights with the main baddies should have been more impressive. The film itself builds up the these characters to such an extent that we know they are very evil and very skilled. For such persons to go out like chums is a bit of a cop out if you ask me. Especially in case of Elaine (Elaine Lui known for Iron Angels). Up to this point she has been incredibly ruthless and deadly yet we are made to belief that Christy Chung's charachter with zero fighting skills is capable of defeating her. Mind you she never really intends to but I guess God helped her out a little. I admit I laughed which was what Yuen Woo-Ping was going for since Christy was meant to provide comic relief. And sometimes she did a good job of that and sometimes it was downright annoying. Her character wants to help out which is admirable but more than once she is in the way. Still it undermined Elaine as the badass fighter who could crush people with very little effort. I would have liked to see our main character Alan played by Kenny Ho fight her first but then get interrupted by Collin Chou so that Christy's character is forced to fight Elaine. At least then it would make sense for her to be defeated since she is exhausted and hurt from her fight with Alan. The end fight between Kenny Ho and Collin Chou should have been epic. Instead they take away the thrills and momentum by resorting to person carrying bomb trope. The little girl who had been rescued and put in a safe place was abandoned by Alan and Christy Chung. There is no good reason for Christy to be there and leave the kid alone and yet Alan never sends her back. Had she stayed the kid would not have felt compelled to look for her uncle and auntie. Of course she gets captured and Colin attaches a bomb to her. Again Christy is made to help out and I really didn't want her too. It affected the fight negatively. I wonder what Yuen Woo-Ping was thinking. Maybe he was stressed for time and needed to wrap up things quickly. 

Kenny Ho as Alan is a likeable character who has all the traits of a classic Hong Kong action hero. So I am a little surprised that I don't know him that well and haven't seen him in more films. However despite this he is a house hold name because of the TV Shows he has been in.

Despite these flaws the film is filled with some tension and thrills because these villains are like I said very ruthless and relentless. The action certainly is top notch. Therefore I think this is one of the better Die Hard Clones.

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