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Review Thor: Ragnarok (2017): I don't know about best Marvel movie but it certainly is the best of all the Thor films!

genre: action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, comic book adaptation

You probably already heard about how Thor: Ragnarok has been a breath of fresh air and has taken Marvel into a new direction. With it's focus on comedy it certainly stands out from previous Marvel films even when they themselves are no stranger to humour. However it's not that big of a departure since it also contains the more serious and dramatic moments you would expect.

While I dug the whole vibe of Thor: Ragnarok I can't deny I was expecting a little more from Hela the Goddess of Death played by Cate Blanchett. She was hyped to be a fierce and menacing villain who was too powerful for Thor and co to deal with. And to be fair she does seem to be incredibly powerful. But evil? I don't think that came across that well. It's one example where the comic relief detracted from the danger. There are a few more moments where it felt like that. Then again there are also moments where events do take another direction that were refreshing enough. Most of these moments are build on the bonds and dynamics between the characters established in previous Marvel films and show that the characters have evolved. It is nice to see characters growing and developing themselves instead of of being stuck to playing the same type over and over again.

Another thing that was a little disappointing that The Hulk wasn't nearly as prominent as promised. He has an important role for sure but I had hoped that Thor and Banner at least would have much more to say to each other. Banner leaving The Avengers was a pretty dramatic event but now was being treated like it was of very little consequence. I think director Taika Waititi should and could have done more with the two.

However Thor: Ragnarok has many redeeming elements that made me overlook above flaws. For one thing Taika as Korg. He has a sense of humour that is very dry and impeccable timing. Making him incredibly funny. The fight between Hulk and Thor. Definitely one of the highlights of the film. Thor finally becoming the person he was meant to be. Thor rather wanted to be the champion than have responsibilities. Or at least that is what the thought. But we have seen him do just that ever since he lost his arrogance. So it was inevitable. Doctor Strange. He truly has become the Sorcerer Supreme where he now is able to do things so fast that even Thor gets disorientated. But there are other elements however revealing them would spoil it for you so I won't mention them.

Thor: Ragnarok definitely is a blast but it's far from perfect. It probably was a little too comedic at times at the expense of more dramatic and serious moments. But like I said the film does make up for those mistakes. Marvel still going on strong. Few weeks more and Black Panther is upon us. Excellent!

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