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Review Crisis on Earth-X: Again Arrowverse outshines DCEU!

genre: comic book adaptation, action, adventure, science fiction

Can you believe it? This review s going to be spoiler free.

Teaming up multiple super heroes is nothing new in Arrowverse but somehow they keep upping the ante and with every time the event gets grander and more epic. Was the team up this time perfect? Far from it but it did more right than not and I enjoyed myself immensely.

So what did I think of the storyline? A little safe mind you but it makes sense. Don't want to go overboard with the magnitude and run the risk of making the individual shows less exciting. But the plot involving evil versions of Green Arrow and Supergirl is big and compelling as the overarching story was compelling enough but strangely enough the plot about Martin Stein and Jefferson had much bigger impact on me.  I knew it was coming but didn't realize they would do it sooner rather than later.  In hindsight the perfect moment since it is incredibly memorable. Also because it has some great consequences in future. The subplot of Oliver and Felicity might be one of those typical CW type stories that seems to be fused with the network. No matter how much you want it to go away it's never going to happen. So why fight it? Besides if the effect is a positive one I am all for it. 

At first I was worried that some characters might not get the chance to shine as much as they should but I think they did a good job of giving most characters the time to show what they are about and to be badass. And that is quite the accomplishment since there are many heroes in Arrowverse.  Crisis on Earth-X also had some real nice surprises next to the typical dynamics. I really like the choreography in Arrowverse. It could always be better but it does look like they put a lot of time and effort to make it look good. And it also looked like they spent more money than usual for some of the special effects because they were exceptionally gorgeous. You do get the sense that these specials become bigger and more spectacular.

As far as I am concerned they can do these kinds of crossovers all the time. They are huge events and incredibly fun. 

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