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Review The Invisible Guest a.k.a. Contratiempo (2016): The ending alone will make it worth your while!

genre: crime, mystery, thriller

The Invisible Guest is a good thriller for sure but it's not one that will put you on the edge of your seat. Unless of course you haven't seen many films of this type. Actually for the most part the film tries hard to embrace the clich├ęs and therefore might seem it is going to be a predictable affair.

Except it's not. What this film does exceptionally well is play around with certain tropes and turn them around so that the outcomes might be slightly different from what normally occurs. And that is what makes this thriller stand out from the rest. There are times that it seems obvious what is going on especially since some of the characters behave like lunatics. Until it dawns on you that something is off. Next to this The Invisible Guest manages to surprise you in parts you wouldn't think it would be possible. Which is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. If you have seen as many thrillers as I have it is become increasingly harder to be genuinely surprised anymore. So kudos to director Oriol Paulo (Los ojos de Julia, El Cuerpo) for making yet another thriller that does this. 

The acting is solid but nothing extraordinary. Although one of the cast outclasses everyone for reasons I can't divulge. You will know once you have finished watching this. But I do advise to watch this in it's original language since more than ever it is important to hear how the characters are expressing themselves. It has to be said that the one actor I was referring to does a lot with the eyes and that even if you don't quite understand the words you still will know what is going on. 

I do have to add that I personally was expecting more suspense and thrilling wise and that for fans of the genre like me most of the film could be a little underwhelming. However that is made up for with it's brilliant ending. So do stick with it if you are feeling the same way I did. 

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