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Review La cara oculta a.k.a. The Hidden Face (2011): Stick with it and you will be rewarded!

genre: drama, mystery, thriller

La cara oculta for the most part has an interesting take on a done to death theme. Although it is one that never gets tiring. At least not to me. But it is one that usually gets an average treatment. This film however does something extraordinary. 

Girlfriend Belén of Adrián has left him a video message on his phone saying him that she can't carry on with him. He seems to be genuinely distraught by the news and goes out drinking in some bar where he ends up with Fabiana. Not so long after she moves in with him (damn that is fast). It is her who notices some things are off. Soon she finds out about Belén and how she got missing. Something Adrián did not mention to her. This makes her even more suspicious. This is where the mystery truly begins. And yes I thought I had figured it out already until the first twist comes at you very quickly. One I did not see coming because it is one that is totally ludicrous. But because of that it almost becomes brilliant. If not for the fact that then the movie takes it sweet time to get where they had to go in the end. Somehow it is here where the film should have capitalized on their surprise and increased the tension and suspense. Instead we are shown some events that easily could have been shortened in a montage and aren't that important since the point was made already. However at one point the other twist comes into play and the movie is instantly intriguing again. It is for this reason why I advise you to stick with it even when it seems to be dragging a little. I promise you that it will be worth your time and energy. The conclusion itself feels rushed and a little anti climatic. But it has bearing on the wonderful twists since those alone will make it worth your while. I think most actors do a good job of being ambiguous about who they are and their intentions. It did make me come up with all kinds of theories of what might have happened. I would have liked it more had they not revealed the big twist so soon. Then I could have ran my imagination wild a little longer. 

One other thing that I have to point out is that you do need to suspend a little disbelief since one character in particular does something magnificently stupid. It is vital that you overlook this otherwise you will have a real hard time accepting the film. Although I think most people will be able to relate to the sentiment of these characters. Certainly a thriller to check out!

Also don't watch the trailer since it spoils one of the twists. Sigh. The least you know about the story the better the viewing experience will be. I will never understand why they would reveal such a huge twist. 

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