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Review Sleep Tight a.k.a. Mientras duermes (2011): You really would not want a concierge like this!

genre: psychological thriller, black comedy

Sleep Tight is advertised as a horror and while some events may seem horrific I wouldn't classify it in this category. I am leaning towards psychological thriller and even more to black comedy.  Thrills and suspense come in later after we get to see what main character César is about. Displaying some questionable acts on his part but yet provide laughter especially with his dealings with Iris Almeida. Her character basically is just as evil as the concierge only much smarter in keeping up appearances (actually make her far more dangerous and sinister in my opinion. Still the story is not about her but so back to our concierge.) He is one of the most vile and evil persons to have appeared on the screen. What makes him so evil? For one thing he doesn't give a damn about anybody else. He is constantly trying to aggravate persons he comes across in the most juvenile ways without people knowing that he is responsible. He enjoys it when people are sad or crying because of what he has done. His acts might not seem that bad compared to murders, killings done by serial killers or supernatural creatures in other movies. But he is an example of someone that deep down could be anybody. César is everyman. He is someone who you might meet everyday and not realize he is this bad man. What makes this film so exceptional is how we truly are hating the character and yet don't want him to get caught. I would not go as far to say we are rooting for him. Still to be able to have an ounce of sympathy for this creepy man is a horror in itself. Then there is also the fear of what might happen to others if he does get caught. Like I said César is someone who you never suspect of being twisted or wicked unless he wants you to know he is. Which is demonstrated in a few scenes. If not for that one happy and positive person he calls Miss Clara. She unlike the other residents in the building can't seem to be broken. This I found hilarious. Her positive spirit dominated the dark one of the concierge. We are witness of how he increases the terror without her knowing he is responsible. 

Example of super creepiness!

I must admit that I was expecting more in this department when it came to thrills or terror but I think I anyone can relate what if must feel like to be invaded in your home like this. Our creepy concierge could strike any moment or do much worse. It could take days for him to do something. But worse of all, you aren't even aware. Maybe your instincts do tell you that something is off. Only your tell yourself that you are imagining things. In a way that is terror of the ultimate kind.

Sleep Tight is a little different and perhaps tame compared to your typical horror. People expecting scares or something similar will be disappointed. However Sleep Tight does reward you with a viewing experience that is compelling and rewarding enough. 

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