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Review Truman (2015): Doesn't deserve the praise it is getting!

genre: comedy, drama

Let me be clear that Truman is a decent watch and won't feel as an entire waste of time. However considering the subject and the talent involved it is a very lazy production in my humble opinion.

Ricardo Darín without a doubt is one of the main reasons you keep watching. But in all honesty his role is one that he can play in his sleep and overall misses the impact most people will be expecting. Especially the fireworks and passion in the dialogues between the main characters Julián and Tomás (Javier Cámara) are missing. There are many occasions where topics are discussed that normally would cause people to get angry or enraged and yet in the film they excuse the lack off because of this supposed and special friendship the two men have. Now I am very willing to believe this except in other interactions the conversations also remain tame and calm where most people would react more aggressively. I get it that this film was trying to avoid the usual melodrama and wanted to keep things light as possible however that doesn't mean you should treat drama as if it is something you can exclude so easily. A prime example of this is the scene where Julián meets his son in Amsterdam. There is a very touching moment that loses it's strength some moments after. Then something is revealed that makes that specific moment seem very illogical and quite cold and distant. Zero explanation or context is given of the dynamics between son and father or any other persons for that matter although the film does point out that main character Julián is not to be blamed. While I think that there is some truth to the message Truman wants to convey it also skips the complexities of people and relationships in general. Truman has you believe everything is black and white. If only that were true then life would have been much simpler for everyone. Biggest problem I had however is with friend Tomás who doesn't seem to be a good friend at all. Apart from a few actions on his part (forced upon him) it never is shown of why these two are so good friends as claimed. Julián seems to be far closer with his dog Truman and their interactions are the ones that have the most impact on the viewer. (BTW Truman steals the show every scene he is in. I hope he has gotten all the yummie treats and bones he deserves!)

I was so ready to be taught lessons about life, death, true friendships or anything meaningful. Instead I got a lazy film that does the bare minimum with the least effort. I expected more. Much more. I am not entirely disappointed but I can imagine that most viewers will feel robbed of their precious time.

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