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Review The Void (2016): Lovecraftian horror done right!

genre: horror

Make no mistake. This might be an indie production but it is easily among the best of horror films I have seen. It's effective in the places it should be and therefore makes you overlook the few flaws it has. 

Is it worth mentioning what these flaws are? Well, for me they are very minor as it has more to do with some of the special effects used. Obviously a low budget indie production will come across a few limitations. However for the most part the film never sacrifices to a point that you can tell they had to cut corners. Besides the direction and acting made most horrors seem real and true and that is what counts the most, don't you agree? If you are a horror fan you will very easily recognize the references and tributes to some horror classics like The Thing and works of Stuart Gordon. For me that adds to the joy but The Void makes sure you get more treats throughout. 

The Void has a considerable fast pace overall but never wavers to halt the film to build up tension and suspense. But when things start happening they come at you in full force with all the blood and gore that you would expect from a cosmic horror. This film is yet another proof how less can be more and that you really should be strategic when to use certain effects or not. It easily can be overkill and if that happens it usually becomes tedious and boring. The Void avoids these trappings and as a result stays compelling throughout. Also because it tries real hard to add other elements to maintain a dark and creepy atmosphere to keep you on your toes. Even if the story itself might be too abstract it will never feel as a bad one. Being abstract is fine as long as you keep pretension in check. Directors Jeremy Gillespie Steven Kostanski are very much on top to not go overboard with being serious and consequence is that The Void mostly is simple fun. 

So glad that there are still film makers out there who just want their audience to have fun and actually make it worth their time. Go watch this as soon as you can, you won't regret it!

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