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Review Sheitan (2006): Only worth watching because of Vincent Cassel (*SPOILERS*)

genre: thriller, horror, comedy

After reading comments on the forum about this movie on IMDB.com I felt compelled to react. I am always amazed how some people always make more of a movie than it actually is. Of course it is obvious that this movie is about the devil or devilish acts. Some reviewers talk about references to short movies and about symbolism. I doubt that there are many viewers who actually have seen these movies. If this truly was the director's intention than I think that he is asking too much of the viewer. And I must admit that there is some symbolism but is not very clear. For that to work properly you have to repeat certain symbols in order to raise attention. And I did get the most obvious one, namely the title. The title is Sheitan (Satan). You can't get any clearer than that. The plot is not difficult or confusing. But it tries to be. Unfortunately there simply isn't much to it. And if for some reason you didn't get the meaning of the title and what the film is trying to make you understand it all gets explained when Joseph (Vincent Cassel) tells the story about a man who made a deal with the devil. Guess what? He is the man who made the deal. Take a good look at Maria, his wife. She looks like Vincent Cassel and in fact is Vincent Cassel (not Georgette Crochon, that person doesn't exist, meant as a joke I think or to trick the more curious viewer). Suggesting that Maria is his sister. What was the director trying to do? This movie isn't scary or thrilling! Well, there are some funny scenes but overall this movie is not very interesting or at least entertaining. The characters who are very important are not likable at all. I didn't care for them and I sure didn't mind if they get hurt or killed. BTW that is one of my main issues I have with bad horror titles. If you are not going to deliver horror goodness so to say then at least bring something else to the table to draw me by for example making me care about the characters. The only redeeming factor is Vicent Cassel. He alone should be the reason to consider watching Sheitan. The promise of a wonderful climax that never comes and the failure to offer some nice entertainment make this a movie to be missed. 

I do have to add that Vincent Cassel did this project because of his increasing involvement with Kourtrajm√©. A collective hell-bent on making video shorts by any means possible. "They are of that generation that says, 'I've got a camera and a computer, I don't need any money to do what I want to do," says Cassel. "They shoot, edit, shoot, edit. Then they give it away for free."( Cited from article Rebel rebel: Why Vincent Cassel is Europe’s most dangerous movie star.) So the main cast consists of actors with very little to no experience. I have to say that it is hardly noticeable but perhaps could be the reason why these characters have very little depth to them. 

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