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Review 13 Hrs a.k.a. Night Wolf: Very effective horror!

genre: horror

Come on people, it's a horror movie not Shakespeare. For some reason people were expecting more than they got and were disappointed. That is one of the reasons I was surprised with it. It actually was good. I always try to avoid knowing too much of the plot. So 13hrs isn't original. Guess what? Most movies aren't. Get over it. Here the director obvious knows his stuff since he builds up quite the tension throughout most of the movie. There are moments (a bit too many) where soap antics ruined the main story a bit. But at the same time were suggestive enough to steer us to another explanation other than the one we finally get to see. And here is where the biggest flaw comes in. The little twisty ending is too predictable. All this time I was hoping for something wild I would never think off. And then they choose the easiest option available. Despite this it is definitely worth watching.

Additional remarks:
  • It has to be noted that this was the first time I saw Tom Felton most famous for his role as Draco Malfoy playing in something else than the Harry Potter franchise. BTW he currently also has a role in The Flash. If you weren't watching the show before now you have a good reason to do so. 
  • Sometimes you wonder why they can't leave titles alone. When I watched this film at the time it was called 13 Hrs and no mention of Wolf or something like that. Because by doing this they have ruined a genuine surprising moment as much as these twists still can surprise you.

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