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Review The Black Dahlia (2006): Waste of time!

genre: thriller, crime, drama, mystery

There hasn't been a single Brian De Palma movie that I haven't enjoyed until this one. I actually am out of words to express what I think of this movie. The title raised expectations of a plot that would be worthy of my time. Many years before this movie came out there was this game called Black Dahlia (inspired by the murder of Elizabeth Short) only with a much more satisfying plot concerning the Cleveland Torso Murderer, black magic and Nazis's with one difference that the title referred to a special diamond and not the woman. The people who were also responsible for Ripper (with Christopher Walken) outdid themselves with a truly thrilling adventure. If a video game can achieve this with merely a fraction of the budget this movie got than at least you would expect more from this production. The problem is however that this movie never is meant to thrill you. Elizabeth short and her nickname is only a cheap gimmick to attract viewers. There is no mention of the Cleveland Torso Murdere which to me is a far more interesting subject than the film noir / soap opera antics of the main characters. It is very hard to make sense of the story since most of it doesn't connect logically even after it is explained . Also there isn't one likable character in the movie so why should I even bother to care for any of them. And calling this movie a film noir is an insult to the genre. Go watch The Maltese Falcon to see how it is done.

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