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Review I, Daniel Blake (2016): The truth that nobody wants to admit it exists!

genre: drama

I, Daniel Blake is mainly a film that points out the lunacy concerning the government's policies surrounding benefits and other funds people have a right of receiving when they are unable to continue their employment. It does it through a fictional character called Daniel Blake who is anything but fictional. He is a real person and not a number or a footnote. Some politicians were offended by the criticism given in this film. My question to them is do they deny treating people like they do? Because whether they like it or not what they are showing in the film are just a few examples of what is truly happening. Sure we are made to care about Blake since he is an incredibly lovable guy but that is exactly the point. Some people are very much like him and still they get treated like they are nothing. At the very beginning the man is asking for the assessor to stop asking him questions that are irrelevant and to actually start listening to what he has to say. He is not an idiot. He is sane and exactly knows what to say and yet she ignores him completely and focuses on asking him standard questions that have nothing to do with his situation. Right at the start you can sense the frustration that ensues which unfortunately is only going to increase. We also get to meet another character since like Daniel she gets treated unfairly to which he feels like he has to stick up for and a friendship starts. Hayley Squires as Katie the single mother who has to take care of two kids also is in dire straits. (BTW she is a dead ringer for Mila Kulnis.) In one scene particular it becomes apparent how hard it can be for people who fall between the cracks of those holy rules. This scene is so overwhelmingly heartwrenching that it makes you angry and wonder how it could be that something like this is possible in a country that supposedly is very well off. Not everyone is and we should be ashamed of that allowing to happen.

And I know that perhaps some won't believe the events. That it is exaggerated. No, people, just talk to people who have been in these situations and ask them. I can assure you that the truth is even more despicable and vile. For that reason it is important that this film points out the wrongs of these benefits systems. It is a film all should see and learn from. It's not only a social criticism but also a film about people like you and me. A very different and more real picture that is painted compared to the one being depicted by right wing politicians. But overall a very touching and beautiful tale although  one that will stick with you for a long time.


Slice and Dice said...

Great review. Really excellent movie.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

Thank you and I agree, an excellent movie for sure!




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