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Review Morgan (2016): Infuriatingly bad, boring and predictable!

genre: horror, mystery, science fiction

Morgan is the type of film that might have looked good on paper but is executed so badly that it fails to redeem itself in any shape or form.

Honestly I wasn't expecting Morgan to have so many good actors in it but there they were and despite their presence it did not benefit the film one bit. You can tell that they were trying though but their efforts are wasted since director Luke Scott is entirely incompetent. There was only one scene that was interesting and it was the one where actor Paul Giamatti made his entrance. It was an example of what the film could have been had Luke Scott paid real attention to films about artificial intelligence. All he did was focus on the artificial without any intelligence. I know what they were going for and that went wrong in the opening scene. We are supposed to care for Morgan or at least have some sympathy for her. But how can we if not once we are shown how wonderful she really is. We are told she is but this being a movie and all it would have been nice to have seen it with my own eyes. At least then I could have made up my own mind about it. Now it is decided for you and is one of the many things that made character Morgan so damn unlikable.  Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, Split) did the best she could but like I said the actors are not to be blamed. Then the other characters who supposedly do have this great fondness and love for her, even when one of them (Jennifer Jason Leigh) gets repeatedly stabbed in the eye by sweet darling Morgan, act like total buffoons constantly to a point where I was happy when they met their demise. These idiots by the way were all scientists and so called professional. Yeah right. I can assure you that they they will aggravate you to no end. One of them is actress Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, The Last Witch Hunter) as Amy who apparently even is in love with Morgan. Also something that is heavily implied and shown briefly only never explained why and how this has happened. Again it's stated because Morgan is so wonderful. Believe me, she isn't.

There isn't a single event in this film that surprises or compels. Not even the action is exciting. To add further insult Morgan leaves us with a twist I called the second Kate Mara appeared on the screen. It was so painfully obvious. But don't worry I won't spoil it for you if you choose to watch it despite my advise. Which is to avoid this film at all costs. Unless you are in dire need of sleep. For that it's the perfect remedy. Apart from the cast no one else involved in this production have made a single effort to make something of this film. It could have been thought provoking, touching or at least entertaining spectacle wise. Only it doesn't do any of those things. Instead you are in for a snooze fest through and through. And who wants to waste their time watching a soulless film?

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