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Review Lion (2016): I don't care how tough you are. You will cry your eyes out!

genre: drama

Lion is one of those movies you know that at one point will get to you. But to this extent I wasn't prepared for. The film especially in the first hour is very confronting with some harsh realities. I know that some people choose to ignore or deny these but that doesn't automatically make them less real. And yes they could have easily sensationalized the film and give us false fact after another. Yet the film didn't. They tried to stay close to the personal experience of the main character Saaro Brierley and throughout the film it is this what will keep you invested and enthralled.

Young Saroo played by Sunny Pawar was amazing. Maybe you are or aren't aware but I am not really fond of child actors. So when I come across someone who manages to transport you in his extraordinary tale without speaking much then you have done one hell of a job. You can't but help to root for him especially when he is on his own in this dark and cold world. Yet as young as he is, he is far from helpless and very resourceful. He is quite clever and knows when something is terribly wrong. They way he expresses himself on the screen is truly inspiring. Older Saroo played by Dev Patel is also top notch as he has the difficult task to show the viewer what it's like to be very grateful and yet tormented because you know your family is in agony because of not knowing where you are. In this case it is more so since Saroo obviously came from a very loving family. And what could be worse than being torn apart against his will by mistake or accident. There were points were I wondered why they emphasized his dark and brooding demeanor until he talks about it to his adoptive mother Sue Brierley (Nicole Kidman). While he went about it the wrong way he did it because he loved his adoptive parents incredibly much and thought he was betraying them. However there were some parts in this film I personally could have done without. I am referring to the scenes with Rooney Mara. I didn't like her. Not sure if it is the actress or the role she was playing but it was distracting me too much. She also easily could have been left out of the film and it would not have hurt the film at all. Almost the same could be said about Saroo's adoptive brother if not for the fact that it is implied that he has been traumatized so severely by his past that leaving him out would sugarcoat events. The film should at least be commended for pointing out this issue.  Plus it provides yet another beautiful moment in the film. 

I will be overjoyed if this film will win an Oscar since it is one of the few that truly deserves it. The story is beautiful and heart wrenching and unfortunately one that people need to be aware of. I could care less about the insignificant problems depicted in La La Land. How is this movie even a contender in best picture category? Are you kidding me? Lion is such a powerful film by showing us a little reality while La La Land can't even fake the fantasy that it is supposed to portray. Seriously what is wrong with those old farts in charge? In any case, Lion is a must watch for sure.

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