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Review Swiss Army Man (2016): Very weird but strangely beautiful!

genre: comedy, adventure, drama

Swiss Army Man is one of those movies that constantly is making you question the validity of what is being displayed to you. You are never quite sure as it does it best to misdirect you as often as it can until the very end. It even manages to make you feel a whole array of emotions about the characters and the events. For the most part Paul Dano as Hank is very likable and Daniel Radcliffe easily outshines Cast Away's Wilson as Manny the corpse. But you won't be able to shake the feeling that something is very wrong. At times it seems so very obvious and then at other times it doesn't seem to matter that much as the film addresses certain issues as depression and loneliness or more happier subjects like friendship and love. The way it is brought to you is mostly charming. Then sometimes it is utterly gross and downright creepy. Certain things are implied and I can promise you that it will take your mind to places you don't really want to go. However those moments are interchanged of funny and endearing ones that make you appreciate all the weirdness that is going on. Make no mistake. Swiss Army Man is very weird. But it's a kind that I really liked and enjoyed. And this is because of some phenomenal acting on part of Dano and Radcliffe. They have great chemistry together. Naturally the story is a big help as well. Still, it is not entirely smooth sailing since after an hours or so I lost interest a little. That was until a twist instantly enticed me and got me excited again. So much so that I went from moderately critical and skeptic to a true believer. 

Stick with the film until the very last moment and you will be rewarded. Swiss Army Man is one of the most original and creative films that has come out this year and deserves to be watched at least once. Although be aware that you have never seen Daniel Radcliffe like this. Very unlikely that mothers want their daughters to marry him now. 

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