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Review Most Likely to Die (2015): How good can it be if Perez Hilton remains unharmed? Don't bother. Big waste of your time!

genre: horror, slasher

Not many horror films on Netflix but the poster did make it look like this could be fun. And let me not keep you in suspense. Most Likely to Die is not good by any means. 

It's not totally awful either but that hardly matters. This film is devoid of slasher goodness. It's never suspenseful or thrilling. The kills are unimaginative and not nearly as bloody as they could have been. Half of the kills happen off screen. Which would have been fine had they been preceded by cool and nerve wrecking chase scenes. Or the victims at least were fighting back more than they did. For the most part the actors fail to depict that they are terrified. Speaking of the actors. You won't know most of them except maybe Jake Busey and Perez Hilton. That's right he is in it. Not that I know him well. But he is that gossip guy yes. The one who bitches and insults celebrities when he can. Well, let me return the favour on their behalf. Perez, don't quit your day job. You were easily one of the worst actors in the film and that is a real accomplishment since all of them were terrible. None of them had any clue how to act in a film like this. Back to Perez. Why is he in this movie? Even the so called attempts of comedic relief fall flat. He doesn't bring anything. Least they could have done is kill him off in the most horrible way ever. That would have made sitting through this film all worth it. But no, nothing of the sort. Even Busey's role is nothing more than a glorified cameo and why oh why didn't they use his creepiness. Here is a guy that can play psychopaths very convincingly. Then how come he is hardly in this film and not used to his full potential. Seriously that is just stupid. 

I don't know what they were going for here? But it is obvious that the people making this film have no idea what slashers are about and what makes them so appealing. I would not have mind it one bit had they copied Eighties or Nineties slashers. In fact I secretly was hoping they would do this. Guess I was simply expecting too much. Don't bother with this film it's a big waste of your time. 

If you already have seen a lot of slashers and you are craving for some good ones then I can recommend the movies underneath. BTW pay special attention to the poster of Slaughter High. Doesn't it look familiar to the poster of Most Likely to Die? Too bad it is nothing like that one.

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