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Review Bug (2006): Tour de force from Ashley Judd

genre: thriller, horror, drama

Bug isn't a conventional thriller/horror movie. Although the trailer of this movie does give you that idea. However this film can be conceived as creepy and scary. But more on a psychological level. The less you know about the plot the better. The suspense doesn't come directly from the plot. Because there is not much happening. Most of the events occur in one place. And we don't actually get to see a lot. (Since this movie is based on a play this makes a lot of sense.) It is through the actors that we experience everything. From the moment we get introduced to Michael Shannon you know that he is somewhat troubled. And you don't actually believe one word he says. But because of Ashley Judd you do begin to doubt whether he is telling the truth or not. Judd seems a strong person at the beginning. Somehow she does get pulled in by his paranoia. Her fear looks so real and convincing that it is hilarious and frightening at the same time. Through her we actually do get to believe the ridiculous conspiracy theories that are told. It is Judd that hooks you in the story. We are witness to change in her character. The strong independent woman becomes a scared and vulnerable person. Because of her excellent performance the viewer will care for her. We don't want her to get hurt or be aware that something is wrong with her. Although it is pretty obvious at one point. There are no real twists or turns in the movie so if you had hope of getting those then you will be very disappointed. The suspense is powerful at times because of the actors. And you do want to find out what is going on. The conclusion however doesn't give a real explanation.  If you watch closely to what the main characters are eating and drinking than it will become clear what is going on. The way Bug is set up however does offer more ways to interpret the story and in my humble opinion makes this worth a watch at least once or twice. 

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