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Review Captain America: Civil War (2016): AWESOME! Incredible thrill ride and Marvel in top form.

genre: action, adventure, comic book adaptation, science fiction

Marvel made good on their promise and how. From start to finish Civil War is compelling and thrilling. It was fascinating to see how far Marvel would take the war between brothers and why it started in the first place.

And they take it pretty far since Civil War will certainly have an impact on the upcoming Marvel movies. Civil War addresses issues that most superheroes rarely are confronted with. Which is the aftermath and consequences of their good deeds. Even when fighting the good fight things get destroyed and innocent people get killed. At least that is the excuse they are using. In truth it's just a measure to contain all the super powered people since humans basically are afraid of them. Captain America / Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) objects to this measure but Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) jumps on board more out of guilt and not having the will to fight. I have heard and read some people say how they could see the points of view of all the parties concerned but I for one was rooting for Cap all the way since I understood where he is coming from. We know what he is about and stands for. As much as I like Tony Stark I do have problems with his growing pragmatism on events. He thinks that if he joins the lesser evil he still would have some control and could ease up the strict and drastic penalties for our super heroes trying to do good. While logically speaking this makes sense he does aid in measures and restrictions that treat our heroes as criminals or second rate citizens. This in my book is always unacceptable. 

On top of this Tony and Steve are put up against each other since Steve stands by his friend Bucky all the way. Like good friends should do. Steve is joined by some heroes who agree with him and Tony is forced to recruit some allies because of this. One of them is Black Panther (who was cool as hell) and the other is the immensely popular Spiderman. And wow. He was exactly like how he was in the comics. Tom Holland is simply the best Spiderman yet. There I said it. Spidey conceals his inexperience and youth by making jokes you would expect he would make. Actually there is a lot of humour to be found in Civil War in a way that it blended well with all the seriousness that was going on. 

Action wise Civil War is magnificent and epic. And how can it not be? We see our favourite heroes fighting each other and most of them aren't pulling their punches. We don't want any of them to get hurt and yet you realize there is no going back for them. Trust and friendship is at stake. This is the context that I am always talking about you need to get invested. To make the action more exciting. And my god it was exhilarating. 

Honestly while writing this review my mind kept wandering off. With what you might wonder? Well, I want to watch Civil War again and again and again and again and again..... I LOVED IT! Don't just sit there and waste your time reading reviews. Go watch it. It's easily one of if not the best Marvel film currently. 

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