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Review Moonbeam City season 1 (2015 - ) by Ultimategamer132

genre: animation, comedy, action

Remember the 80s? Yeah, neither do I

Enter Dazzle Novak, (Rob Lowe) hot shot officer who ends up causing more crimes instead of solving them. The only person capable of keeping Dazzle in line is strict as hell chief of police Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks). Though, no one can stop the rivalry between Dazzle and Rad Cunningham (Will Forte). Lastly is Chrysalis Tate (Kate Mara) a rookie officer who actually gets police work done. Together they make the Moonbeam City Police.

Moonbeam City is an homage as well as a parody to violent and sex ridden movies of the 80' s. All this is visible with it's synthesized soundtrack and neon skinned characters. And while it does get most of it's laughs from poking fun at that era of movies, it also has its fair share of visual jokes that provide laughter on their own merit. Surprisingly there was very little raunchy comedy to be had. Don't get me wrong, it does have its fair share of sex scenes and innuendos, but they fall right into the elements that belong to a parody.

The laughs of Moonbeam City also live on in the essence of the characters. Dazzle is parodying the "gritty cop willing to do anything to solve crime" type. His constant one-liners and nonchalant blunders as an officer constantly got a chuckle out of me. Pizazz is the serious boss who would normally scold Dazzle on all his mishaps if this was a cop movie, but its not. So she'll emphasize the "death stare" and "wind blown hair" tropes to full effect. Rad is a supposed "rival" to Dazzle, but he usually goes on his own hilarious antics. Chrysalis is funny in her own right being she's a rookie and gets more work done than any of the other characters.

Moonbeam City does what most comedies cannot. For the most part I either don't laugh at comedies or I force myself to chuckle which only gives me a sore throat. I either chuckled at Moonbeam City or gleefully laughed out loud. While this feeling does tend to fall out near the end of its season, the finale represents that the show can have action and heart while maintaining its comedic charm and making fun of itself. The only crime here is cancelling Moonbeam City.


chrichtonsworld.com said...

ha ha You probably didn't remember the 80's because you were not even born then.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

I had seen the announcement of this show and it looked like it was a show for me. Your review has me completely convinced I should check this soon.

Dale Brown said...

This looks freaking awesome.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

@Big D.
I agree wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.




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