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Four Kings Dark Souls boss fight is easy. Only took me one try. / Stray Demon was a pain in the ass. But he is no more ha ha... Who is the boss now? That's right me!

You would be happy too.

You didn't know who you were messing with did you? 

Thing is I went in there expecting to die and disregarded my usual play style. That of blocking and avoidance.  I went in solo and in full attack mode. Two handed my upgraded gravelord sword (+5) and started striking them whenever I got close to them. When I got damaged I used Estus flask. But because of the lag (playing this on XBOX 360) it took a while for my character to heal. Which in a way was almost a blessing in disguise since that way I could get in an extra hit. I forgot to get Havel's armor out of the bottomless box since I was planning to wear that. Luckily for me the black iron armour did very nicely as well. What is even more crazy that compared to this boss fight the Darkwraith knights were giving me much more trouble letting me believe I was not up to the task yet.

One thing I need to add though that after having read and had been warned about The Four Kings that I started to level up to increase my stats considerably. The farming spot (phalanx) in the painted world is ideal for that. If you haven't done so by now I really can recommend to spend time upgrading the Pyromancy Flame (fully ascended and upgraded) and getting as many spells as you can get. Especially the firestorm and chaos storm are incredibly effective since they take out all or at least a majority of the phalanx in one swoop. Do make sure you are heavily armored since before you get the chance to use firestorm or chaos storm they will throw spears at you that can do a lot of damage. Ever wondered what a good reason would be to offer 30 humanities to Quelaag's Sister? Well, there are two really good ones. Firstly you will get chaos storm. Difference between this and firestorm is that it adds lava damage to the fire damage. It's a huge help I can tell you this much. Second reason is the fact that you get to open up a shortcut in Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith

In hindsight Ornstein and Smough gave me so much more trouble compared to The Four Kings. I think it is because they deliver on their intimidation. They are stronger and a whole lot faster. To me it seems like that after beating them the other bosses won't be as difficult. 

Contemplating now whether to do Nito or do the Duke's archives. Hell, I feel so much like a boss now that I feel like taking on the centipede demon and Bed of Chaos first. Scratch that. 

I thought it was time to face the Stray Demon again. This time I made sure he did not get the drop on me. Don't walk blindly on the floor. Approach it from the left side and walk slowly to the edge of it. You will drop and lose half your health just the same. But and this is a very big but. The Stray Demon won't come after you since apparently he has not noticed you dropping in. He will though as soon as you come near. My advice forget about using armour and go for speed and agility with this one. Run up to him and try to stay close to his back. Hit him with what you got. I used pyromancy with great effect but I think two handing him with a high damage sword will do nicely as well. When he does his AOE attack back out from him as far as you can get. Now I know this part is very tricky but if you don't feel confident run as far away from him as possible and then try to approach him again sticking to his back. (BTW it helps to stay locked the first times you strike him. But after that you should unlock. It makes it easier to get away from him.) By then it would only take you two or three hits to defeat him. I have read somewhere online that you could throw dung pies at him to make him toxic and wait it out. Hadn't thought of that myself. And no, I don't think that would be cheap. First of all this game does not pull back on it's punches. It hits you hard whenever it gets the chance. Why do people seem to think you can't resort to these methods while the game itself provides you with the opportunities and means to do so? It would be another matter entirely if you would be using trainer or cheats that manipulated the code. Anyway I am very glad I beat him. 

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