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Review The Ridiculous 6 (2015): It's funny, hilarious and features Taylor Lautner's best acting yet! (Not being sarcastic, honest.)

genre: comedy, western, action

You know what truly is ridiculous. The fact that people keep bashing Adam Sandler for the comedies he is making. His movies might be bordering to gross, outrageous and totally absurd but damned they rarely fail me and always make me laugh.

The Ridiculous 6 is no different. In fact this is one of his better films where he plays around with the genre that is called western. Remember that atrocious project called A Million Ways to Die in the West that was supposed to be this brilliant parody on everything western. Well, Ridiculous 6 blows that one to kingdom come and it is not even trying to be a satire on the genre. It simply tells a tale you could expect from Adam Sandler in which we get served one funny moment after another. If that is not enough for you we also have a nice collection of the funniest people and greatest actors to have graced the screen. An it looked like they were all bringing their A game to the table. Which makes all the difference. You have to embrace the goofiness otherwise you get terrible productions like that Seth MacFarlane one. Just look at Taylor Lautner. To me he always seemed like a guy who could not act to save his life. But seriously he surprised me big time. I even checked IMDB.com to make sure it was him. It was a delight to have him play a goofy character like he did. That tells me that he really has grown as an actor. Not saying that he is a good actor. He still has a very long way to go but if he continues like this then he surely will get there. Then there is Rob Schneider. How I missed him. He was incredibly funny in this one. I liked how he was respectful to his Mexican character and not made too much of a mockery like he tends to do in previous films. But I guess the fact that he is married to a Mexican woman must have to do with this. Actually what did strike me was that this Adam Sandler movie was devoid of offensive jokes and it still was funny as hell. See you can do comedy without offending. Try it sometime Seth.

Overall I watch comedies to laugh and Adam Sandler very rarely lets me down on that front. I laughed my ass off and the two hours flew by very quickly. This is how comedies should be. 

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