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Review Ratatouille (2007): It's a masterpiece, pure and simple!

genre: animation, comedy, food porn

Ratatouille is just marvelous. Everything works. Small but effective story. Realistic animation with cartoony touches. Lovable characters. Great voice acting.  A lot of comedy. Even some elements of drama. Plus delicious food porn. It is like the final dish served by Remy (the rat). Hard work, craftsmanship and a lot of love that provide the magnificent end result. How can you not like this movie? From the moment we get introduced to Remy the rat you will believe that he is a wonderful cook. The fact that he is a rat makes it even funnier. We want Remy to succeed. Even when the people and rats think that it isn't possible. There are some lessons to be learned by adults and children. But most of this cartoon is I think a more adult approach on matters. On some rare occasions the pacing is a bit slow. And that is the only form of negative criticism I can think of. 

Ratatouille is a masterpiece. 

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