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Review 30 Days of Night: The rare moments that are enjoyable just don't cut it.

genre: horror, thriller

The fact that the movie takes place in the cold Alaska where just the sun went down for 30 days would be ideal for any horror movie. This alone should have provided an atmosphere that would creep us out whenever something strange happens. The problem is that the movie never gets scary or creepy even. It never makes good use of the setting. The lack of atmosphere could have been compensated with solid action scenes or building up some kind of tension. Not once did I feel despair or agony. And how can we care for the characters if we don't really know them. The vampires appear in numbers and overwhelm the people living in the town. But when things are looking bad for the main characters the creatures just stop and vanish when they easily could have defeated them. This doesn't make any sense. Also we never learn about the vampires. Why are they in Alaska for god's sake? Only one explanation is given but also isn't good enough. There are some surprises in the movie that make the movie stand out a bit. But comes much to late to really enjoy the movie. I was so disappointed with 30 Days of Night because it could have been so much better. The rare moments that are enjoyable just don't cut it. Very average! 

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