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Why I am going to take a break from Dark Souls.

Today I accidentally ended up in the painted world, by just examining the painting. And what a god awful place it was. Like Lordran itself wasn't depressing enough now we have to deal with worlds within worlds? Come on already! Luckily I was prepared but imagine you weren't stubborn as me and didn't take your time to stock up on items and level up some crucial stats a little. What then? 

The painted world is a prime example of why this game is punishing you every turn it can. It doesn't ask you or even warn you that when you examine the painting there is no turning back. No, you are there and even using a homeward bone (that is supposed to bring you back to the last bonfire used) doesn't work. Up until this time you screamed and cursed whenever you died you returned to the last bonfire you were at. That is if you wanted to avoid enemies from respawning and such. But eventually you used this mechanic to your advantage and in no time you were cheering that you did not lose much progress. So why all of a sudden doesn't this homeward bone work as it should? SADISM! Pure and simple. This has nothing to with not being skillful enough. This is to punish you for being curious. One of the most important things to be if you want to explore the world of Dark Souls properly. It's proof of how the developers are screwing with you just because they can. Only one of them must have grown a conscience of some sorts and given you a choice to avoid a boss battle. Am I supposed to be thankful for this?

The painted world is nothing you can handle. But it is the fact that you are forced to do do certain things to get out of it that bothers me. Sure there might be some great loot to be found still I don't like being forced to do so called optional worlds or levels. The game already makes you jump through hoops more than enough and it's not like this game needs to increase it's challenges. After I escaped the world I hopped back on those demon thingies and went back to Sen's fortress so that I could take the route back to Undead Parish. Mostly because I want to stock up on all the arrows I can carry. Because seriously the longbow and arrows (especially poison ones) become your best friend in Anor Londo. I wanted to do this before I checked the painted world. 

I am up for a break. A real one. I am not sure if I am able to resist the game but I will force myself as I have other matters to attend to. Also I do think that Dark Souls requires a little too much investment time and energy wise and am still not convinced if it is worth it. (Feel free to comment and elaborate what makes it worth it.)

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Trevor Wassel said...

I've never been one for Dark Souls. Is it descent enough to buy or even waste time on as you've both praised and hammered it?

chrichtonsworld.com said...

ha ha I am not sure if I ever was praising this game but yes there is something about it that makes me come back. But so far I am not entirely sure if I am progressing because of skill or more because I am able to exploit some of the game's mechanics to my advantage.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

Here are some more thoughts on the game now I have finally finished playing it.
Praise the Sun!

Anonymous said...

I saw. Nice mix of a progress update and review.




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