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Review Wolfen (1981): Wolfen is a true horror classic!

genre: horror, thriller

Wolfen is a true horror classic. There should be no doubt about it. I am not going to talk about the plot. Because I think this seriously would ruin your experience. The genius of the plot is that it suggests that there are more explanations than the obvious. This movie is all about suggestion, imagination and atmosphere. That doesn't mean that there is not much to see. There is just enough action and gore to make a point. The visuals are stunning. You immediately get creeped out when you see the killer in action in the middle of some poor suburb in the middle of New York. (Pay attention to the church that even in daylight looks haunting!) The acting is great and provide the extra intensity that this movie needs. Wolfen is a typical eighties movie. I think that people in that period tried to experiment more and do something different. Now it usually is more about effects and remaking older ideas instead of inventing new stuff. Of course there are exceptions. But I personally miss the freshness from that time in horror movies made today. And Wolfen is incredible fresh and inventive. So a real must watch if you have not seen this yet! 

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