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Review Arrow S04E05: Haunted: The Return of John Constantine and it is glorious! (MILD spoilers)

genre: action, crime, comic book adaptation, super hero

Once upon a time there was a TV Show called Constantine on the NBC. In their infinite stupidity they cancelled the show and it was the end of the Hellblazer.

Enter Arrow the show on CW that manages to keep surprising it's audience every time you think it's getting predictable or repetitive. Arrow manages to wrap up one story arch in a satisfying way but also do something that as far as I can tell has not been done before. To bring back a character from a show that has been cancelled. I for one was sad that it did because it promised to be a good show had it given been a chance. Now I am going to spare you the rant about the dated Nielsen ratings and the treatment NBC gave the show. However I do think that the show really was heading in the right direction and maybe just maybe CW doing this crossover could mean a revival of the show. But never mind that for now. Just let the awesomeness of this sink in. Seriously even if this episode would just show us Constantine and Oliver playing cards it would be magnificent. Obviously Constantine is made better use off and Arrow becomes so much cooler because of that. 

With all of this one would almost overlook the cliffhanger Haunted ends with. One that probably most of us knew was coming but were waiting for since his disappearance. It almost is astonishing how Arrow keeps things interesting and fun. If you weren't convinced before then you seriously have to reconsider and start watching the show. Yes it is that good. 

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