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Review Butterfly on a Wheel a.k.a. Shattered (2007): It excites and thrills from the moment Brosnan appears!

 genre: thriller, crime, drama

Butterfly on a Wheel is one of those movies the least you know about it the bigger the impact will be.

Pierce Brosnan as the bad guy is an excellent move. Most people will have difficulties with him as the villain but I thought it was brilliant. It isn't the first time he played characters like these so why should it be the last?  He was very convincing. When he plays these cat and mouse games with the characters played by Gerald Butler and Maria Bello you really want to know why he is doing this to them. Gerarld Butler also is quite good. When we get introduced to him you learn that he is an arrogant and ambitious man who can be obnoxious. But throughout the movie we also learn that he does care for his wife and daughter despite his flaws. The twists and turns in the movie are from another caliber than one would expect. Throughout the movie you suspect that Neill (Butler) has done something to Tom (Brosnan) in the past that is related to his work. That the twist sets up something different and ultimately a more recognizable fact makes it even better. Of course it is too far fetched to take these extreme measures. But if you think about it, on a emotional level it does make sense. Butterfly on a Wheel is an exciting movie that doesn't disappoint. It is full of suspense and thrills and the acting is good. 

This film offers exactly the things I want in a thriller. It puts you on the edge of your seat the whole time and gives you one hell of an ending. A must watch for sure!

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