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Review American Ultra (2015): Not bad but Jesse Eisenberg is definitely not Jason Bourne.

genre: action, comedy?

Maybe I missed something but wasn't this supposed to make me laugh. Even if it was just a little?

The premise made it sound like this was going to be a comedic take on the Bourne franchise where screw up Mike Howell was going to be the sleeper agent who got activated. Naturally American Ultra was going to be full of action but where was the comedy? It was strangely absent. There were only a few actors who understood how to play their roles. John Leguizamo and Walton Goggins. Everybody else took the whole film far too seriously. I must admit that on occasions it worked but for the most part I was gasping for some fresh air and it never came. Most of the action was entertaining enough and amusing although I kept wondering why it mattered so much that Jesse Eisenberg's character was supposed to be a stoner. A big deal was made about this and I was kinda expecting something funny be done with this. I mean just look at Jesse Eisenberg. How could you ever take him seriously as an action hero? But luckily for us Kristen Stewart adds some spunk to this flick. I am not a huge fan but I really like her and it is because of her that the couple Mike and Phoebe was tolerable. Topher Grace as the villain is out of his league. It was almost embarrassing to watch him like this. 

I don't think this would be an entire waste of time. But if you were expecting to laugh like I did then you will be disappointed. People who love action and romance will find more to their liking. Despite this not being bad I can't recommend this. 

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