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My thoughts on Quantico so far (spoiler free).

Quantico is for many things interesting. First and foremost is the fact that Priyanka Chopra (as Alex Parrish) as the lead is a curious choice. The Indian actress who has starred in big Bollywood productions might be huge in India in the US she is largely an unfamiliar face. What is even more groundbreaking is the fact that she plays a character who is not plagued with a heavy accent or any other stereotype you can think of. Actually the show plays around with the different ethnicities and prejudices surrounding them in a way that I found refreshing. For this alone Quantico deserves recognition. 

It's also quite admirable that the show doesn't waste time to propel you in a plot where Alex Parish becomes a suspect of the biggest terrorist attack since the 9/11 one in 2001. Through flashbacks we get to see how it got to this point and who might be behind it. Quantico basically is a whodunnit. And I love those.

But Quantico can't escape some flaws. Some events aren't tied up neatly. Often for convenience sake certain developments are left out or not mentioned until they can't be ignored any longer usually leading to letdowns. After all the buildup some explanations simply aren't satisfying enough. Which brings me to the biggest flaw of this show. The soap opera antics. 

Unfortunately Quantico too often focuses on relationships and everything that comes with it to a point that it completely detracts from the big conspiracy plot. Granted sometimes they make great red herrings. But sometimes they don't add anything and are just there to fill the plot. Or they might be intended for the people who love their guilty pleasures like Revenge and Gossip Girl. 

For now I will stick with the show to see where it is heading and hopefully it will be less soapy and become more thrilling. Do let me know what you think of this show so far.

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