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My thoughts on mid season finale The Walking Dead season 6 (S06E08: "Start to Finish") : Stupidity knows no bounds! (spoilers obviously)

What the hell happened? Is this how you are going to leave the fans? This season started strong and was quite thrilling for the most part. But this is how you going to end it before it returns in February? 

Every character in this episode (well apart from Glen) acted like an idiot. Instead of facing the walkers they all cowered away without doing anything constructive to battle them. Nobody even really attempted to deal with the herd. Couldn't the experienced characters think of ways to thin out the herd. Like using Molotov cocktails or whatever means they could get their hands on to control the bad situation they were put in. 

Apparently everybody froze and given up on fighting since some had more pressing issues to tackle. Before I go into that. What could be more pressing than a mass of flesh eating dead people? Seriously. So yes Morgan is an enormous fool to hold on to his not to kill policy or religion since he wants others to not kill either. But what about Carol? Did she need to go try and kill the wolf at that exact time? Did she forget that the town was overrun with walkers? And did Morgan really need to fight Carol about this as well? And what about Ron and his little brother? Ron who has been acting like an idiot from whenever we got introduced to him manages to top that when he tries to kill Carl. His idiocy causes a window to break making it possible for walkers to get in the house Rick and co were hiding. Ron's little brother tuned out from reality and was living the life because his mother enabled him. She should have slapped some sense in the boy. Even Carl (in the beginning) wasn't that stupid or annoying. All this time Deanna had been passive. Now suddenly she decides to get into action in the most ineffective way. Result: she gets bitten. Do we care? Nope as far as I am concerned she already was dead. She practically looked like a walker didn't she? Even Michonne was in denial about holding on to the dream that was Alexandria. Yes Michonne, we get it. You love the place. Then fight for it damned. Don't just stand there waiting for the walkers to get you!

The writers messed up big time with this episode and it really was bothersome. They just let the characters act in a certain way for drama's sake. Is it really that much to ask to let the characters act out in accordance of how they are established and formed over the seasons? I get that the writers are stalling and teasing. But can't they do this without annoying the fans. Couldn't they have shown us at least a few characters not act stupid? 

This is definitely one of the worst episodes ever. After all this buildup you make me dislike all the characters even the cool ones. That must be a record.  

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