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My thoughts on mid season finale Gotham (s02e11 "Worse than a crime"): Mixed feelings (spoilers)!

All this time we were lead to believe that Galavan was a real menace and threat to Gotham and everyone in it. As it turns out he was nothing without his support. Even the order of monks turned out to be the biggest wimps you could imagine. On the other hand I am glad this Galavan arch is over because I got bored with it. The only good thing from it is the fact that Bruce Wayne is starting to become more like the Batman minded guy he once will become. I also liked how Lucius Fox, Alfred, Selina, Harvey and Gordon teamed up together. 

What I didn't like was Gordon shooting Galavan in cold blood. I know they were going for shock value but since he already had killed before there was not that much of an impact. BTW The Gordon I know from the comics would not steep so low. It is he who keeps reminding Batman not to cross the line. He could take the high road because he never crossed the line. How are they going to make that stick now? Sure this show is vastly different from the Batman lore and they keep changing up stuff to surprise everyone familiar with it. And up until this point I have enjoyed that although now also with Dr. Strange and Mr. Freeze coming into the mix I am becoming real skeptical. Why do the writers feel the need to introduce this many villains already? 

Well, we will have to see how everything will unfold when Gotham will return. 

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