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My thoughts on finale episode season 5 Game of Thrones Mother's Mercy (spoiler free, really? Yes, really!) But know this I am real angry!

Game of Thrones from the start was merciless. But now they have gone too far. Now it has reached a point where I think they George R. R. Martin goes for shock value more than just trying to advance a story logically. 

While I thought that there were a lot of high points in season 5 I somehow do think that the balance has been quite off. I expect a story to go forward at one point and I for the most part got the sense it finally was going somewhere. After having seen the finale I am really wondering if it has and if I care enough to continue watching. Since it literally leaves you with very little to nothing. From the start Game of Thrones has dealt out quite some harsh blows but still I could find hope that it would all get better. Real life is like that. No matter what obstacles you face at one point you will be able to find strength to go on in some form or another. But apparently this does not apply to the world in Game of Thrones. I am aware this is a fantasy world but this has got to be the most cruel and depressing I have seen yet. And I have seen my fair share of darkness. I do believe that even when it may not seem like it at first there is a balance to events. Gotten a bad deal today you get a good one the next. In Game of Thrones it's one bad event after another where it crushes hope to a point you ask yourself why am I exactly still watching. You really have to be a little sadistic to endure such pain. I am not the most patient of people on this planet and I do think I have better things to do then to wait around for George R.R. Martin to spin his stories in a way that it will all come around. With the show now having arrived where it can no longer rely on source material (since it has not been written yet) I am curious in what direction the show will go and if it will be interesting enough for me. I am actually very angry of what has occurred in this finale. 

Of course some of you will say, it's just a show, get over it! And I do agree with you. But I am someone who loves well written stories and the characters that are featured in them. I don't mind darkness at all. Only there do has to be a point to it all. At the moment it is not clear to me where this story is going and I am wondering if George R. R. Martin has a clue himself. Whether it is real life or just fiction stories have to make sense to me. This show has made me invested into the story and even care for some of the characters. Naturally if something happens to them it affects you. And it would be extremely dull if everything would be happy and positive. But the same can be said when it is the other way around. You can't dish out pain like this and then expect people to not check out. It's very natural to do so.

So are there any highlights to be found in this episode? A few. Barely. Some characters are stepping up the plate. One in particular in a very major way. However not without consequences. Another one unexpectedly which was very nice to see. But the bad outnumber the good too much and it was very hard to stomach. (I decided to go in detail about this with spoilers so click here if you want to read that.)

Now I will have to give this finale a place and ponder about it. Will I say goodbye to this show or stick with it? I will let you know as soon as I can. For people who haven't watched this show yet and have been made curious to do so. Please do. But beware, it's freaking ruthless! 

Do let me know what your thoughts are about this season finale and of the show in general.

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