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My thoughts on finale season 5 Game of Thrones Mother's Mercy: THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

I had to write another article cause I still have too much anger in me about this finale and I really need to vent about it. So here goes. Of course this means these will include major spoilers, so don't read if you still have to watch this episode.

First of all I thought that overall this season finale was not that strong especially after episode 8 where Jon Snow had to deal with the Whitewalkers. That episode was epic and basically is hard to top. However there were some highlights that made me cheer.

* Theon steps up and helps Sansa Stark escape. They both jump off the castle holding each others hands but we never get to see what happens next. But it was nice to see Theon doing something good for a change.

* Arya Stark was the hugest highlight as she does what everybody have been waiting for ever since she wanted to kill the people on her list. She kills the guy (name escapes me) who she has been eyeballing in previous episode. The way she did it was nothing but spectacular and very gruesome but I was cheering like crazy when it happened.

* Tyrion is placed higher up in the ranks again as he is named to represent Daenerys in her absense. Very nice and funny interaction between him and Lord Varys.

Now I will mention the events that I am not sure of how to feel and the ones that made me angry.

* Jaime Lannister has a nice moment with his daughter which is cut short because she dies after being poisoned. Not really knowing the daughter that well it still got to me because it was heartwarming to see father and daughter together joking about Cersei.

* Speaking of Cersei. Cersei confesses and has to atone. Her hair is cut short, stripped naked and made to walk through the crowd where they curse her and throw food at her. Now to be honest I thought I was going to cheer for this moment. I have been waiting for her to get punished for quite some time now. Still, not this way. I don't condone people being humiliated no matter how evil they are. I even felt sorry for her. I don't want that. And what is the point of this when she gets the chance to get back to her old life where she undoubtedly will take revenge on everyone who have humiliated her. That simply does not make sense to me. Why let her go? That is just stupid.

* Stannis dies. Technically by Brienne of Tarth but he was already lost since he went into battle underpowered and unsupported. He went into it knowing very well that he was let down by the Lord of Light. Why didn't he stop and regroup? Why did go on? Very pointless if you ask me. And just when I was starting to like his character. Way to go George.

* Arya Stark becomes blind. Her actions have angered the god of thousand faces and she gets punished for that. A bit harsh for a god who has no trouble killing people himself. But ok let us see how this turns out.

* Daenerys gets surrounded by Dothraki but we never get to find out if this is a good or bad thing. This is one of the events I could have lived without. It felt useless and underwhelming.

* Now this is the major one that got me super angry. 

Jon Snow gets stabbed by members of the Night watch, the fucking bastards, and is left bleeding in the snow. (I know that this is how it is left in the books. No word yet of how it ends). We have to assume that Jon Snow died. But we only can be sure until next season or if George R. R. Martin finishes writing before that. The way this event occurs is very dark and completely illogical. This is one of those endings that purely is done for shock and I am not happy about it. All this build up to one of the best characters and then to end him like this? Assuming of course he is. Since I think with me a lot of people are hoping that he isn't. All kinds of theories on that and I would really like to see it happen. 

But this event has me completely dislike the writing. How is it that characters who are trying to do good and are good get such a bad treatment as characters and that the bad and evil ones seem to get to brush off the things that happen to them. How is that even logical? Every person on this planet will get their fair share of bad things and good things despite their intentions and their deeds. So how is it that in George R.R. Martin's world the good get crushed on over and over again while the bad ones hardly get what is coming to them? What is the point watching the Starks getting beaten and slaughtered like this without this barely having consequences for evil doers but where the Starks get punished for their actions all the time? I am sorry but that is just having a too dark of perspective on things and I don't like it. There has to be some form of hope otherwise what is the point of living?  

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