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Review Foxcatcher (2014): Real life truly is more horrifying than fiction.

genre: drama, sports

For me the tale that was told in Foxcatcher was new. To find out that it is based on true events makes me quite sad. Right from the moment John du Pont comes into the picture you notice something is off about him. At first you give him slack because he is a billionaire and he might be a little eccentric. And that does not always have to mean a bad thing. However du Pont goes from a little eccentric and creepy to downright evil. Steve Carrel does an amazing job to give this evil a face. At times you feel that du Pont is a troubled man and you feel sorry for him. His relationship with his mother is quite cold. However there were only a few scenes of how they were together. We never actually got any scenes how she truly felt about him. It looked to me like she and everyone else were indulging him knowing very well he was not mentally stable. But this is all speculation on my part since we are never told exactly why John du Pont was who he was. What this film does brilliantly is to let you know that something is brooding but you don't know quite what that is. (Assuming you never heard about these events like I did). More and more it gets unnerving. I do have some questions about the Schultz brothers though. They both are very aware something is very wrong with the guy but they stay with du Pont's wrestling team called Foxcatcher. In the movie it is not explained explicitly but in this article History versus Hollywood  it is said that back then wrestlers didn't earn a lot of money. Which is quite vital I think since it gives you an idea of why the brothers felt stuck and had no choice but to stay on. They should have made it a little more clearer. Especially since Mark Schultz barely speaks. You never quite know what he is thinking or what he wants. Somehow I doubt the real Mark Schultz is this quiet or fragile. Special mention needs to go to Mark Ruffalo. His character was very likable and made you care about him. Foxcatcher is a movie that will stick to you for a long time because again this is proof that real life events are even more horrifying than fiction. Because of the slow pace this might not be for everyone. But you do get rewarded for your patience and actually the slow pace adds to the build up in tension.  Certainly one to watch!

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