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Review Fury (2014): Want anti -heroes then go watch The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes.

genre: war, action, drama

This does contain some (mild) spoilers so read at your own risk. Normally I don't do this but in this case I am mentioning some plot events to explain why I had such a hard time liking this film.

David Ayer the director of Fury aimed for more realism than other World War II dramas. Maybe there was some. But from what I have seen most events were illogical and made no sense whatsoever. Best job ever! Especially the last battle scene, I mean honestly. That was not realistic. It was lunacy. And if the director thinks he can fool me with such nonsense then I am not falling for it. Fury does not even try to tell a story. Or make you care for the characters. All of them are unlikable and the film makes you believe that is because of the atrocities of war and what they had to endure. I get that war is no joke and that seeing people die in the most monstrous ways is hard to stomach. But to kill people, prisoners in cold blood to teach a rookie soldier a very valuable lesson. And that none of the other soldiers interfered or even uttered their disgust to this situation was appalling. Then a scene later they invade an apartment with two women where you can feel the tension because something truly bad might happen. Any sympathy you might have had for the characters by then is gone. Was it the goal to show us these horrors? Why then focus the rest of the film on the characters desperately trying to make them look heroic. Or maybe this was yet again to show that some soldiers were pure psychopaths and had no common sense. Whatever the director was trying to convey it was lost on me. For me Fury was completely pointless and redundant. Much better war movies have been made where they showed different sides and point of views but still managed to show humanity in some of the characters. Here the anti heroes just go from bad to evil and I am supposed to root for them? As an action film this also fails. It seemed more like Star Wars at one point. And I read about this and it is said that it was accurate and the light beams were caused by tracers they were using. Ok I get that. But did the Germans happen to use green ones? Since I was unable to root for the main characters I could not be bothered to care what happened to them. Most action scenes did not have the context needed to make you feel in a certain way. They were hardly exciting or hard hitting. Only in a couple of scenes I felt for the rookie soldier but he too succumbed to the madness of war so very quickly. But even if everything is a realistic portrayal I simply saw nothing in this film I cared for.  I can't recommend this one.

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