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Review Interstellar (2014): Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey instead / Christopher Nolan is overrated!

genre: science fiction, adventure, drama

Interstellar is the third one off all Christopher Nolan movies where I liked or better said could tolerate the ending (somewhat). The first one was Memento which I still think is Nolan's best and only one that has earned to be called a masterpiece. The second I like is Batman Begins which is a much better Batman film than The Dark Knight. However that does not mean I liked Interstellar fully. Well, I did and then again I didn't. Let's just say I feel very conflicted. 

Because like always, Christopher Nolan does things that made it hard for me to sit back and enjoy all of it. It starts out strong and compelling, and it made you care enough because you do feel like there is something at stake for all characters involved. The minute Matthew McConaughey as Cooper is in space, it becomes quite tasking to keep your attention. The pacing slows down considerably and some of the scenes are too long and drawn out where they explain far too much which is completely unnecessary since it seemed quite obvious to me. It's not like this was my first sci fi film. In fact, a lot of the so-called surprising twists and turns were incredibly predictable, which eliminated a lot of the tension and suspense for me. And I was happy to see that Nolan put in some truly moving scenes that made it able for me to stomach all the pseudo-science and the illogical actions of some characters. It astonishes me that Nolan still does not know how to make his characters talk or act like human beings in all of his scenes. In one scene particular this was very annoying and completely unbelievable. Because if that would happen to real people, they would not respond calm and calculated. Let alone take the time to have a dialogue. For a film that tries to copy 2001: A Space Odyssey, it sure failed to learn how dialogue could be handled. But right after this scene another one happens where a character acts beyond stupid that even the simplest of minds would go: not even I would do that. Honestly, this turned this very serious film almost into a farce. And it gets worse. Long before the scene ends, you already know what is going to happen. Only Nolan makes you wait. He lets you endure this scene to a point it makes you angry and shout at the screen. Be done with this scene already. Move on for god's sake. Robbing you of yet more minutes of your life that was not necessary at all. Honestly I keep hearing how Christopher Nolan is so brilliant, but he sure is very inconsistent when it comes to editing. At this point though the film starts to pick up the pace again where we get a scene that is very reminiscent of the last part of 2001: A Space Odyssey which I was liking very much until Nolan ruined it by explaining everything again. You don't always have to explain things. In this case, leaving it open for interpretation would have made it a powerful scene. Anyway everything after was decent to nice enough even if it still contained illogical behaviour. 

I don't know how to feel about this film. Most of Christopher Nolan movies have this effect on me. Visually always compelling, but substance wise it's either pretentious or simply lacking so many elements that make it worth my while.  And if Nolan could back up on the promise to deliver then I would not mind the flaws, but he rarely does so. I truly think Nolan is very overrated as a director and nearly not as clever as everyone thinks he is. Most of the time, Nolan relies on gimmicks. And when you are on to the gimmick there is nothing else to find because I think one of his biggest flaws is that he does not know how to tell a story properly. His characters very rarely act like real human beings so that you ever truly care about them. Here you don't notice it that much because the acting is excellent but the dialogue. The dialogue is horrendous. Overall I think as Nolan movies go this one does have some merit, but nearly not enough as made out to be. I find it quite disconcerting that so many people are raving and praising him like he is the second coming. He is not. He knows a few tricks and that is it. If you fail to grab my full attention or keep making me angry at the end because you are copping out somehow, then you are doing something wrong. And I know that a lot of people will have a fit if someone would ever say something critical about Christopher Nolan. I don't care. Most of you are wrong about him, and you know it. Interstellar had a very intriguing premise which had a lot of promise, but in the end it gets ruined by how it is executed. Not a complete waste of time, but do prepare to become angry. And don't fall for the hype or the popular votes. Sometimes that says very little about the quality of a film.

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