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Review Evil Dead Trap a.k.a. Shiryô no wana (1988)

genre: horror, thriller

This must be one of Oliver Stone's guilty pleasures. Because this might be twisted but daring and thrilling, I don't think so.

After having seen it for a second time I simply can say that ultimately this is nowhere the classic made out to be. Sure it starts out real well. Immediately reminding me of giallo movies only Japanese style. And honestly it had a lot of potential to indeed become a true horror classic. Only one mayor thing lacking. It never is really that thrilling. Evil dead trap relies on the gore in stead of tension. And while that in itself can work. Here it fails miserably. The gore is just not that impressive. It doesn't help that the main character and her colleagues have to be the dumbest people ever. Even for a flick like this. Miyuki Ono is attractive and charming though. You can't help but feel that she is asked to underplay her character which is such a shame since I do think that more could have come out of her performance. Do I need to say something about the ending. Well, yes. Because it is on the one hand pretty creative and on the other hand one of the most weirdest of endings you will see. Is this movie worth your time. No!  I can't recommend this one. Cause apart from the words (of the English title) Evil Dead it is nothing like that it. Although it borrows some of the camera tricks used in the immensely superior Evil Dead series. Give this one a miss if you expect to be excited. But if you want to catch up on your sleep this is the one that will guaranteed make you snooze before you know it.

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